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Monday, 27 February 2012

50 Things to do Before you Die

I’ve recently been reading lonely planet’s 1000 ultimate experiences;an awesome book which has resulted in me deciding to become a millionaire so I can afford to travel the world forevermore and tick off each and every suggestion that they make. You may have noticed that I’m a fan of the concept of lists. I enjoy the way they bring order to chaos and can be followed in a linear order and struck off as you go. For this reason I have written my own list- 50 things to do before you die. Most of these things I have done myself, and want others to experience whilst a few of these things I have not done, but want to!

1. La Tomatina
2. Oktoberfest
3. Australia Day pool party
4. Christmas in the snow
5. Ride powder
6. Go surfing
7. Go skydiving
8. Go bungee jumping
9. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
10. Work abroad
11. Eat something weird (Snails, Crocodile, Bugs etc)
12. Play pub golf
13. Visit Dracula’s castle
14. Multiple day Music festival
15. Sing karaoke
16. Fall in love
17. Ride a snowmobile
18. Ride a jet ski
19. Ride a motorbike
20. Sleep under the stars
21. Have a crappy job
22. Learn to play an instrument
23. Learn to speak a language
24. Go on an epic road trip
25. Shower beer
26. Be poor
27. Have a sleepover/ pyjama party
28. Go white water rafting
29. Go whale spotting
30. Go swimming in really cold water
31. Pride festivals
32. Visit Vegas
33. Buffet challenge
34. Ride a scary rollercoaster
35. Go fishing
36. Go Downhill Mountain Biking
37. Cheese rolling
38. Go to Africa
39. Backpack around India
40. The Inca trail
41. See giant pandas in China
42. See emperor penguins
43. See the northern lights
44. Go on a shopping spree
45. San Francisco
46. Food van party
47. Get dragged into a street show
48. Throw a massive party
49. Full moon party
50. Look back with no regrets

 Watch out for a detailed post on each of the experiences I have partaken in!

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