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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Epic Aussie Adventure, Day 1

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The Glasshouse Mountains

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Turk The 1993 Mitsubish Express

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Jason Mraz- Dynamo of Violition

And we're off! The Epic Aussie Adventure™ has begun! Today began at 5:30am when the BF had a minor asthma attack and we had to drive to his parents house from our "camping" spot to secure some sweet steriody goodness to enable him to breathe again. The previous night we had met with some friends in Brisbane, gone to a bar called JoJos purely because I insisted it must be named after me. Turns out I may have been right because we were given free margheritas (they definitely gave them to me because I was the inspiration for the establishment's name, not because they had made them erroneously and we were the closest people to the bar). We then walked around for a while looking for sushi, and as we got hungrier our mission directive changed from very specific ("It must have a train; can't be too expensive; must be a proper sit down sushi restaurant and must have a fully stocked bar") to extremely vague ("I'll eat anything 'Asiany' right now") The high point of the takeaway chinese we settled on was when I asked if they had a bathroom and was told to "just go on the street" Luckily I didn't take this suggestion literally and instead successfully navigated my way to the nearest underground public toilet. Anywho, we decided to have a couple of drinks and therefore couldn't drive home, which is why we awoke on a street in outer Brisbane at 5:30am and started our day from there.  As I type we are cruising down the Bruce highway in the rain, heading for Bundaburg, home of Australian rum and, more excitingly for us, the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery where we are going tonight to watch baby sea turtles struggle their way out of their shell-based homes and scurry across the beach into the sea and freedom. What a metaphor. I think i understand exactly how they feel!

Turk meets....A Giant Pineapple (episode 1)
Turk was stunned to find a pineapple bigger than him!

Thats all folks, more insights from the road tomorrow.

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  1. Really looking forward to following your journey around Australia!